Egypt: Mo Bro terrorists on the cusp of revolution

Take a look at the lovely, peaceful Mo-Bro (Muslim Brotherhood et al) that the Obama administration has been in bed with. Serious stuff.

Muslim Brotherhood hired terrorist elements from Sinai to carry out terror attacks in Cairo — by Eman Nabih

On the 21st of January 2016, Muslim brotherhood terrorist organization threatened the Egyptian people through many statements published on their social networks accounts and their websites, that they are going to slaughter anyone whether from civilians, police or army individuals, if they stand in their way in their intended “rage and armed revolution” in the memory of the 25th of Jan 2016.

In their statements they added that only those who will stay in their homes on the 25th of Jan, will be safe from slaughtering.– Read

The countdown goes on. Obama and his fellow Mo-Bro sympathizers will look the other way. I won’t hold my breath for a WH statement. That might offend his Mo-Bro brothers. As is well known, the western media will play down the relevance and consequences.

5 comments on “Egypt: Mo Bro terrorists on the cusp of revolution

  1. the unit says:

    Interesting read. I wonder if that’s really Eman’s picture. I had a Syrian customer before I retired, which was 3 years ago, tell me concerning the killing of bin Laden, or say and ask me actually,… you think you have ever seen what he really looks like? I said the government and media has posted his pictures and videos. OK?
    In my opinion, one last time. I believe there is a NWO establishment overriding the western political party establishments. They foment and approve of the chaos so that certainly the world will call on a world government to control and bring serenity, but foment disarray until they’re called on. Sorta like the conspiracy theory concerning Fast and Furious and purpose to cause population to sound off for total gun control.
    That’s not to say Russia and China are in on it, or the MB. I doubt it. So we will suffer the chaos and the NWO est. will never pull it off. We get double trouble.
    There’s my there there.

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    • Just Gene says:

      You hit the nail on the head – for centuries there have been believers of a one world government – it became viable with Wilson’s League of Nations and its successor, the UN is constantly being given more power. Let’s bring back that old motto to be endorsed by anyone running for president -GET THE US OUT OF THE UN AND THE UN OUT OF THE US.

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      • the unit says:

        Yep that’s the plan. As world view expanded…”Oh you have a village too!” Thinking…I gotta rule mine and this new one I just heard about.
        And bring back the “old motto.” Heck, the whole thing isn’t even as old as me, relative to the world and organizational!
        Just wondering though…maybe it is “get the US out of the UN and the UN into Trump Towers.” Not barfing on Trump…sure UN would be paying rent for a change. 🙂


    • Bullright says:

      Yep, i think so too. We get double trouble, that’s putting it right.


  2. […] Egypt: Mo Bro terrorists on the cusp of revolution […]



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