US And Them: Unordinary Times

I think the whole country has come to realize that we only living in a world of the Left’s evolving truth. (their euphemism for BS) I know they keep labeling everything truth or facts but that does not make it so.

I mean they regularly spew out this stuff and the rest of us have to just live with it until enough people finally say “enough, we don’t accept or believe this bullshit.” But by then the Left has usually moved on to its next thing, like sexuality or climate change hysteria.

So like you cannot discriminate against trans(men) athletes competing in women’s sports. When it proves out this agenda discriminates against women athletes, they get angry. Who cares about fairness, as long as you’re saving transgender athletes?

The list goes on and on, but so happens sexuality is one of their favorite whipping posts. We all see it is ridiculous on it’s face but we play along as if it were a real thing.

You can literally make something up and then accuse other people of having a bias against it. (the more outrageous the better.) Meanwhile, they have no tolerance for reality. (which Is to be destroyed or distorted)

In almost every absurd story you see today, the deeper you look the more absurdities there are in it. You could say the same for most of the Left’s political positions too.

Keep on looking at them and it will drive you crazy trying to make any rational sense of it. This is because common sense has been removed leaving a big black hole into which everything gets sucked. Trying to apply rational arguments to it is foolish. The Left looks at you like you have two heads or something.

Why should you try to apply common sense where there is none? Be it crime, open borders, Democrats’ plans, destruction of the economy, not to forget foreign policy.

So whatever you personally want to believe is okay until it crosses with their political orthodoxy. Then it must be abolished. The favorite tool to destroy opposing arguments is to claim it has been debunked — apparently a place opponents go to die.

Right Ring | Bullright | © 2022


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