Here come the Muslim victims

Just a rant on some very old territory.

One little Muslim, two little Muslims, three… victims.

It has already begun on the heels of the Boston bombing, Muslims are out in defense of, well, just about anything relating to Islam. They do what they always do…attack any criticism of Islamisists’ radical ideology as “criticism of all Muslims”.

Yea, that might be a good rally point for Muslims (hello, are they connecting the dots? – likely just what radicals had in mind.) but it really serves no other purpose. We get it, not every Muslim is a terrorist. But the terrorists are predominately Islamists. Do they get it?

Who has time for all this crapola being hoisted on outraged Americans? Muslims were not the victims here and they certainly were not the intended targets. Yet here they are saying Muslims are being victimized putting everyone on notice not to “generalize”. Imagine that, someone indiscriminately bombs random innocent people, and they tell us not to generalize? Go figure.

**This sounds like Obama: his administration does something and we get the lecture.

Maybe instead of spending all their time in defense of their “peacefulness”, they should be facing off, marginalizing and criticizing the Islamists for doing what they are doing? Why doesn’t that occur to them? Why don’t we hear and see it? Are they afraid?

There is one ironic note in the saga, Muslims are distancing themselves from the funeral of the eldest bomber. Imams and mosques have been asked, in the greater Muslim community in Boston, about the funeral for him and they decline to say they will hold it or hold the prayers for him. That is a positive note. Though I wonder if it is just talk?

Now if Muslims were victims of stereotyping etc. — IF it is happening — then you’d think they would focus on the source of that characterization, Islamist radicals and radicalism in general. No, they would rather blame us and “broad brush” Americans for discriminating against them.

The problem is how many times and years have we been through this. Its old. If the caliphate is the chief goal among Islamist radicals, they are all beneficiaries to the same agenda. Do they stand up and protest that agenda? Hardly. But then why is it all the rest of us, outsiders, are the immediate problem when one of them detonates something? Who are they kidding?

Seems to me we played out this act before too, we tried the dialogue route. About all we get in return is “Americans are picking on, stereotyping, and discriminating against Muslims.” But that is not the case.

I’m sorry, when people are losing limbs, their livelihood, and their very lives, my first reaction is not “poor Muslims“. So if they are not happy, then its time they face the real problem not rally up another false flag.

It is much easier for them to point to Americans lack of sensitivity for Muslims. When do I, Christians, Jews, or Americans get to be “offended”?

9 comments on “Here come the Muslim victims

  1. clyde says:

    Fvck them. Call’ em a WAAAAHHHHmbulance. Tired of these assholes. IF this were white,fat,old men with gray hair, WE damn sure would NOT get ANY sympathy. ESPECIALLY from the mucking fuzzies.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, don’t sugar coat it now. LOL. I share your whole disgust. They wouldn’t care an ounce if we cried victim. I know, they would laugh, ridicule, mock, and line up to take a shot. (and not in that particular order)


  2. pepperhawk says:

    Super article! I too am so angry about this “victimization” of Muslims. How about that family standing in front of the one bomb? The father was unhurt, but his wife suffered brain injuries, his daughter lost a limb and his 8 yr old son was blown to pieces. I feel sorry for that man who is correctly devastated.

    Why should we give these jihadists a pass? It’s another Obama/Holder action that has caused us to be attacked. Holder ordered the FBi files to be purged of any Muslims on the watch list or suspected terrorists. So this is the King’s defeat by these people and I put the blame squarely on him for the devastation that took place in Boston.

    Even that older brother got a pass from the FBI as we know and I’m sure the FBI was told to get off the case.

    The Muslims in this country don’t speak out and as far as that funeral I bet it’s all talk. Remember they are taught to lie to fit in here in America, then they say say zilch. I’m also sick of CAIR.

    As far as I’m concerned when 9/11 happened every Muslim in this country should have been deported and no new Muslim immigrants. Period.

    I read on Twitter that they have a protest going to release the younger brother, Johar. What the hell is wrong with people?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, right, a man lost his entire family as he knows it. I don’t hear squat from them about it.

      And to scrub the files, I bet the king is mad they didn’t extinguish all traces of his record before so we wouldn’t know they were directly warned about this miscreant and his ideology. Now they want us to wear even more blinders! Why not light the fuse for them?

      Yet they complain to us and cry for sympathy. His mother says they killed him ONLY because he was Muslim and she even vowed revenge. This guy attacked people only because they were there. Period. There is a good case for deportation of anyone engaged in that stuff. Heck, the fuhrer doesn’t need a reason to spy on all us.

      Probably talk. But they will still take money from our enemies. I saw O’Reilly jump a CAIR spokesman, and he had nothing to say. They want our sympathy, that’s all.

      So they are already trying to defend the urchant., eh? It never ends, and that’s the problem. But they aren’t in a Mid East country, they are here. Why would they want to be if its that bad?


      • pepperhawk says:


        It’s a bloody shame that the real victims like that father are never talked about, but sympathy for the bombers? That Johar was the one who placed that bomb right behind that litttle boy who was blown up. I just get infuriated with this Muslim sympathy shit. Deport them all and get them outta here.

        I bet that whole muzzie family are terrorists living off our tax dollars for years, on welfare and all that goes with having that support, food, housing, electric paid for, etc.

        They will get no sympathy from me. I know how that father of the little boy must be feeling because I lost my son too and I can imagine he’s in unbearable pain.


        • bullright says:


          They know they will get it from someone. With all that intent, it is pure evil. Imagine they got asylum from the US. The victims were just pawns for them. Kids women, men, brothers, parents, all just pawns. And they stood there amidst them looking at them, just inches from one cop. They could have stopped at any time.

          Ann Coulter said right away ‘take a look MSM are already trying to remove the death penalty.’ Now they can never pass up an opportunity to “identify” with the killer, not the victim. if they turned them over to Russia there would be no talk of sympathy.


        • bullright says:


          No sympathy from us but the southern perverted lawless center is real disappointed. If it were anyone else they would look for any remote tie they could find. But with these two they want to dismiss the foriegn or jihad ties right away, before they even knew. They don’t want it to connect. At the same time, right, Johar had more than his 15 minutes. And all these people join his page? Give me a break!

          Wolfman Blitzkrieg described his mother as “in deep, deep pain”. Whoa.


          • pepperhawk says:

            I cannot understand these people who are supporting someone who blew up a little 8 yr old boy who stood right in front of that bomb. And Johar knew he placed it right there. What kind of sympathy did he have for that little boy?

            Blitzkrieg is concerned about who? Johar’s mother or the mother of the 8 yr old boy?



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