The numbers game

If it is just a numbers game, as people keep repeating these polls, then take a look at them. My comments are a few thoughts that jump out at me. Some things just bug me.

There is a Real Clear Politics page and then there is an AOL article I saw, on the current landscape — a matchup with Hillary.

Questions arise every time I keep hearing these same things repeated. So then why do they keep making a fuss over the details? Some of the polls mentioned are months old.

Cruz likes to point out they show he beats Hillary, by 1 point, in a matchup. But he loses according to the NBC/WSJ poll by 2 points.

News just came out that, according to WSJ , one third or 33% of Sanders’ supporters will not support Hillary. Isn’t that just delicious? His poll number now, with Hillary, is about 40% which means one third of that will not go to Hillary. So that is about 13% voter loss of their electorate for Hillary. Maybe she can write that off?

So Trump loses, by their polls and Cruz can win, albeit by 0.8& But its already a given that some of those Trump supporters will not support Cruz. Isn’t it funny how we’re only told many Cruz Supporters won’t support Trump– “Never Trump.” Back to the point, if Trump loses to Hillary, and DT voters won’t vote for Cruz, then what effect does that have? So if Trump loses against Hillary, then there must be more Cruz voters who will not support Trump. Does that make sense? And if Hillary is down say 13% with her voters(former Bernie voters), then what’s wrong? Plus we know that Trump did bring in more voters. I’d say some things here don’t make sense or add up.

In a matchup against Sanders, Bernie wins by wider margins. He beats Cruz handily, in double digits, and beats Trump by even more. Funny that neither Cruz or Sanders did well in Florida or Ohio — two huge states in the general. Why does Bernie win by that much more? Maybe there are number geniuses out there that make sense of all this.

Of course if you want my unprofessional opinion, both sides may want Cruz to be the nominee to go against Clinton. And I smell a little slant to the left in it all.

Then there is the states problem. It’s expected Hillary is favored in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. They say she does well there. But Cruz has not done well in any of them. Trump took Florida in double digits and didn’t do too badly in Ohio against its popular incumbent governor. Yet they give the advantage to Cruz against Hillary.

My exhaustive conclusion:
So according to my estimates, using all this info and a computer, I safely predict the only thing that can consistently beat Heir Hillary is the Dep of Justice or an indictment.

RightRing | Bullright

12 comments on “The numbers game

  1. Bull, yest it is rather exhausting trying to figure these polls. I think most of them are baloney. Concocted to come out the way someone wants them to come out. Round and round they go until your head spins is the best they do. And i get dizzy enough without these polls.

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  2. Bullright says:

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    • Ha ha, he pushed the ceiling once again. Great to see! And what path does Cruz have with 21%???????

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      • Bullright says:

        Cruz is just hobbling and liimping along, despite all his take no prisoner activists out there talking him up. But Cruz would like to have us use old information in polls to base our prediction on to pick the nominee. Never mind current trends or how he’s been doing in races. Charlie Sheen is doing more “winning” than Ted is doing right now.

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      • Bullright says:

        Pepp, according to R Stone, all these polls have been based on voter lists of those who’ve voted in the past. But we’re seeing how many new voters have come in. They aren’t accounted for so he says they understate reality by 5 -7 points.

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        • Bull that’s true. All these new ones I don’t even think they know about. How can they be counted is right. I actually think if Trump wins the nomination he’s win in a landslide.,

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          • Bullright says:

            It is a little funny to think this happens outside their area of measurements. It wouldn’t be the first time they and the Dick Morris’s were wrong.


            • If a lot of people bet on Dick Morris being right they would have lost their houses and every thing else thy own. He’s been so wrong on everything. It’s kind of like Rove who is supposed to be the most accurate picker of winners and those, McCain and Romney all lost. What a joke.


  3. Bullright says:

    From one fed-up Hillary organizer

    “Hillary is not a feminist… she’s a fraud.”

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