The week in news

This isn’t a list of the events this week, you can get that elswhere.

I saw some media coverage at the end of the week saying how media did not cover other important stories, as they were continuously covering the Boston bombing. (was that an apology?…nah) Let their navel gazing begin.

Now I’m not complaining about the coverage given Boston. That was deserved. But they hardly gave even a mention of other news, specifically the explosion in Texas. Actually the death count was higher in Texas than Boston but that is beside the point.

The real point is that they virtually locked out everything else. At a time when the Dep of Defense is expected to handle two wars simultaneously, MSM cannot get past a single story. Then they did something sort of even more hypocritical, they complained at the end of the week that media didn’t cover or mention these other stories,  which weren’t small potatoes.   Then they mention them.  I’m not going to list them.

They were obsessed by the one Boston story and nothing moved them off of it. Half the time there was nothing more to do than speculate, and they did, but they still stuck to it.

The shocker to me was that they complained that these other stories got ignored or cheated. I guess when Obama is their idol, we should expect that sort of thing. He does that self-contradicting, blatant hypocrisy constantly. Who were they complaining to, viewers? That was not clear. Was it a slip of conscience that they mentioned it? I don’t know.

If in a 24-hour news cycle, with this many competing networks, they cannot handle more than one story… well, the press is toast. Stick a fork in it. Of course, we already knew the press was dead or at least on life support since Obama. But I’m willing to bet they aren’t finished making excuses for it though. They usually say they just cover what the people care about, and they are serving the needs of the people. They were serving the needs of the people when they campaigned for Obama too.

It takes me back to an experience with media years ago. A reporter told me “on a given night, we have 6 million people watching and we get to decide what they are going to see.” Oh, how true and boldly arrogant.

Speaking of the bombastic hypocrisy of Obama, he  mentioned the Texas explosion in his Boston Bombing victory speech, which he had dismissed up to then.

He did issue a statement to Texas on the 18th:

“Today our prayers go out to the people of West, Texas in the aftermath of last night’s deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. A tight-knit community has been shaken, and good, hard-working people have lost their lives. I want to thank the first responders who worked tirelessly through the night to contain the situation and treat the wounded.

My Administration, through FEMA and other agencies, is in close contact with our state and local partners on the ground to make sure there are no unmet needs as search and rescue and response operations continue. West is a town that many Texans hold near and dear to their hearts, and as residents continue to respond to this tragedy, they will have the support of the American people.”

Then in his speech at the conclusion of the Boston bombing, as if by afterthought, he added the following spoken words:

… Finally, let me say that even as so much attention has been focused on the tragic events in Boston, understandably, we’ve also seen a tight-knit community in Texas devastated by a terrible explosion. And I want them to know that they are not forgotten. Our thoughts, our prayers are with the people of West, Texas, where so many good people lost their lives; some lost their homes; many are injured; many are still missing.

I’ve talked to Governor Perry and Mayor Muska and I’ve pledged that the people of West will have the resources that they need to recover and rebuild. And I want everybody in Texas to know that we will follow through with those commitments.

All in all, this has been a tough week. But we’ve seen the character of our country once more.

And that is just the way it was in the news. Or as Texas Rep Ted Poe always says:
And that’s just the way it is.”

20 comments on “The week in news

  1. Davetherave says:

    Hey Bull. Good article. Sorry I’ve not been around, but my computer was broken for several days. My son came to the rescue and here I am back (there will probably be a debate whether that’s good or bad??). Obama of course ran to Boston, because he has more moron slaves up there than in Texas.

    The media has been trying to shape our opinion for years…pretty much since Woodrow Wilson the Father of Propaganda got us into WWI to serve his own desire. But at least for some of us; if it looks like bullshit and smells like it bullshit…it’s bullshit.


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Good article. I was thinking the very same thing all week. No other news reported and we didn’t have a clue as to what the devils in Cesspool were up to.

    However I did read that while everyone was busy with the Boston bombing that the Congress passed a draconian bill about the Internet. They gave immunity to Google, Yahoo, etc. to send stuff to the feds database to keep track of what people are saying and writing. I could not believe my eyes that the repukes helped pass another infringement on our privacy.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I did hear a little blurb of something that they were “making it easier” for internet companies to share info with government. Wow, it was a shocker. They way they said that I thought this has to be spin. Companies just cannot give the government enough info, I laughed.

      Yea they can throw away our privacy so quick, can’t they? Killing a baby is protected, not your privacy. Other than that little soundbite, I didn’t hear anything. If congress is doing business now they’re infringing on our freedom. 🙂


      • pepperhawk says:


        Isn’t it ironic that there is a so called “privacy” clause in the Constitution that abortion is covered, but when it comes to our emails, what we write on blogs, there is no “privacy” concern?

        Indeed Congress did infringe on our rights to freedom of speech and now monitoring everything we say on the Internet to collect in the federal database.

        Meanwhile the FBI completely dismissed the Bomber Tamerlan who was posting on his FB site a whole bunch of AQ sympathizer posts and had his own YouTube space where he posted bloody videos of the jihdists while sympathizing with their cause. For some “unknown” reason the FBI never looked into it. My feeling is that since he was a Muslim, they were told to lay off him, probably by the head of the snake. And by the way, it was Russia who warned us about this guy, even telling our government the guy was a known threat and jihadist.

        I also heard Frank Gaffney tell Huckabee on his show that the FBI files have been scrubbed of known threats by Muslims. That good ole PC crapola once again. Now who do you think ordered that? I think we all know who it was. So now the FBI has no way to know who these people are any longer.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, I hate when my comment just evaporates…

          I agree. His frequent flier card should have been revoked, or at least examined. Now fmr FBI officials are rushing to defend the system. Its a joke, and they had to ask the public to help identify a guy sitting right under their noses.

          I guess I should not be surprised at this administrations devious deeds. Why not just tie everyone’s hands? And you can bet he’ll be blaming the sequester too. A shame he didn’t have the sequester for Benghazi. Life is good for the King. Oh, right, he was busy looking for the threat, the culprits, that didn’t exist. Now we can watch how much lying he does over this one.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Right, if they had kept him in their database, they would have known about his trip to Russia for 6 mos. The FBI is making all kinds of excuses right now, saying “they can’t keep track of everything”. But you can bet when it comes to us citizens, they will have all our info as we are the “terrorists”.

            Yeah, life is so good for the King. He can always blame someone else for any mistakes, like he still blames Bush for the economy.

            You can bet there will be plenty of lies. The King does nothing else but lie.


            • bullright says:


              I hear those FBI officials running out to explain it all to us. Oh, we don’t understand! Its like they were all prepared almost like planned. I don’t want to sound too suspicious but….

              Drones and surveillance for the rest of us, but he was good to go.And we aren’t secure in our papers and property from their spying reach. At the tyrants order, they can have info on anyone objecting to his agenda. Look what he does to political opponents. No shortage on lies, that’s for sure.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, from your comment below. I’ll betcha that no Muslims are being monitored by drones. Once again “we can’t upset the poor sensitive things”.

            Right, Big Brother has its’ nose into everything we do now, all our email, comments and blogs on the Internet, FB, etc. And just what do they need that for? Sounds like a lot of wasted time and space, but it does create more jobs for the government so the public can once again pay for something completely unconstitutional.

            The FBI and the CIA, they are all complicit in these things the King is doing. Doesn’t that make ya feel real safe? And then they wonder why the public is so upset with them. Morons!


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, count on that…
              Its very creative how even in his own administration he can use agencies or people to take blame for the whole. Maybe they look at that like martyrdom. So even if we do find anything, the fuhrer can blame others. Proof was in how he just scated away from Benghazi — which was his baby from the go. We still don’t know what happened. He just moved on to make other scandals.

              And even if push comes to shove, he offers to do his own investigating with his cronies. That’s the part that I don’t know how all these people accept and swallow his agenda? Once they do that he owns them, cause they cannot back off his side once committed to carrying his water. Right and then wonder why people are so fed up?


  3. clyde says:

    The ONLY reason the asshat media didn’t pay much attention to anything else was the off-chance SOMEHOW this was going to be Tea-Party bomber, they DAMN sure didn’t want to miss out on THAT.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, I think you’re right, they were just hoping. They used the name homegrown on it from the beginnig. I wanted to scream “they weren’t born here!”. Of course, MSM are mostly homegrown commies, and just as bad as brand ” X”. 🙂


    • Davetherave says:

      Great point clyde. Unfortunately for the Traitor Party; it would appear it was jihadist, camel jockeys behind the bombings. This show brought to you in part by the Sumbitch and his towel head butt buddies!!!


  4. pepperhawk says:

    April 22, 2013 at 10:55 pm In reply to that comment above.

    Having his inside investigation is like the prisoners in a jail deciding they will do theirs and what do you think they would come up with? Everyone is exonerated from their crimes.

    Why their was no independent investigation into Benghazi, for one, is bewildering. They don’t answer questions, give no explanation, lie like hell and then it is so called “over”. Done. Gone.

    Yep, it is no wonder people are so rabid about what is going on and the branch of government who is supposed to be representing us does nothing. I heard that Charles Wood, the father of one of the guys killed in Benghazi begged Congress last week to re-open the investigation. But, like the shrew, Hillary, states, “what difference does it make now”.



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