It’s raining scandals

Even with the compounding scandals surrounding the White House, reports are that his approvals hover around 51%. Immediately some are asking why when they see all these problems is Obama enjoying any approval? Of course, his apologists run out to say that he has a personal likeability, blah blah blah. So they like the guy who is embroiled in scandals up to his cauliflower ears.

This is similar to other cultural phenomena. There is a weird attraction to the remaining Boston bomber. Many of his peers are fascinated by him and like him, and even defend him. Maybe we should start polling his popularity? Yet he still did what he did. How do people deal with that inner conflict. They must be better at compartmentalizing than Bill Clinton.

Even with all that is going on around him, he still enjoys his golf, impromptu vacations, and all the perks. And every time he is asked, he did not know anything about it. But he “will get to the bottom of it.” He wants an investigation by the same administration embroiled in scandal after scandal. He enjoys his likeability.

Hearing his defenders rush out to say “…but they like him” is beyond disturbing. It must flatter his ego. I am so sick of this guy and his creepy likeability. I’m sure OJ still has some fans that believe he is innocent, no matter what he’s done.

But it all translates to disaster for America. If it is true that a person can have his/her 15 minutes of fame, what does it say about us? I have a theory that their 15 minutes comes with a cost to the rest of us, to the public. No one ever mentions that. How much has Obama’s fame and likeability really cost us? Can you even tally it up? At what sacrifice to America has Obama’s personal likeability come?

In fact, there could be another phenomena: the more scandalous he gets the more they like him? Just saying. This is a president in search of Camelot. Maybe his Camelot is actually our destruction? At least that appears to be the result of his tenure.

So a few disgruntled Libs dare to criticize him only to demonstrate some token Democrat criticism.(commie turncoats– that’s an oxymoron) However, the damage is already done!

He got his ObamaCare through and it is set to blast off. He set government standards at historic lows. How’s that transparency working out for you? He had is spendathon. He’s trying to bury Benghazi. How many people have had their records searched? Fast and Furious anyone? Who could really trust his administration? Pay to play anyone? How about a little cronyism just tide you over to the next scandal? If you loved that Arab Spring thing, just wait. So it seems fashionable for some Libs to publicly criticize him? I think I get the twisted reasoning. He already got much of what he wanted.

Besides, they still like him personally. Such a likeable tyrant he is, who could dislike that?

14 comments on “It’s raining scandals

  1. drrik says:

    Half the country is getting a hand out from the other half, at gun point, What’s not to like? Unless the other half shrugs.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Excellent article Bull with some great satire mixed in! You always have the ability to make me laugh. I personally don’t find it hard to believe his likeability is still over 50%. If you look at who voted for the sumbitch (Unions, gays, blacks, immigrants – illegal and legal – those that are pro-murder, bums, et al) that is where his approval rating stays high. The folks that do the polls know exactly who to poll to ensure they get the results they want that the Pharaoh is still likeable. Go outside the groups mentioned above and it flip flops to those who despise him is well over 50%. Polls are just another way to manipulate the ignorant ass people in this country…it’s just ANOTHER Barry lie.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, thanks and I can count on directness from you with no spinola. I can almost see those pollsters following Barry’s coattails. If the job approval is low, pull out that likeableness. When was likeable the main qualification. Must be right in the Constitution. There is a point when even he won’t care if he’s likeable or not, morons haven’t realized that yet.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, elections for prez are now based on who will stuff the coffers the most. If ya’ wanna be prez, give the bums, unions, immigrants, pro-murder crowd…etc…every thing they want then not only are they likeable but electable. I think we are way past “morons” and are now into the category or stupid and we all know you can’t fix stupid.


  3. clyde says:

    I just compare it to battered wife syndrome. You love him, but hope the sonofabitch stops beating on you, if only you can change him, or some such shit as that. And, also, as Dave alluded to, look at who voted for the prick.


  4. Just Gene says:

    I used to volunteer at a woman’s crises center – it was so sad to see so many women say the SOB really loved them and promised to stop abusing them – then we would visit them in the hospital a few times and then go to their funeral – these people cannot seem to realize the DICKtater tot is sending them to the cemetery. God help them, us and our country.


    • bullright says:

      Gene, Amen to that. Great observation. I think you and Clyde are exactly on the mark. And I ‘ll venture a guess that some of them are in a permanent state of crisis. Not a state you want to live in.


  5. bullright says:

    I have a new label for lib-progs, Scandal Deniers.


  6. --Rick says:

    This is a sad state of American politics considering the start we had in forming our own government of such great promise.


  7. […] to conduct Peace Talks with terrorists, to his repeated attacks on 2nd Amendment rights, to the panoply of scandal which has rocked (yet mysteriously not toppled) his Administration, we’re now privy to a Federal Government which enables the most destructive dreams of the […]



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