Obama grounded, sits out travel plans

Obama cuts short trip to Asia

Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY | October 2, 2013

Media in Malaysia reported Wednesday, citing the prime minister’s office, that President Obama has cancelled his trip next week to the nation in order to deal with the partial government shutdown.

Reports said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak received a call from Obama early Wednesday morning local time informing him of the cancellation. The news was carried by Malaysia’s Bernama news agency as well as in the News Straits Times.

Separately, the Associated Press reported that Obama would also not be visiting the Philippines because of the shutdown.

More: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/10/02/obama-malaysia-asia-trip/2906731/

WHOA, this must be serious. Could this mean America finally found a way to ground AF-1? His monthly travel/va-k is interrupted. He’ll just double up on vacation plans next time citing a backlog.

He never even backed down his travel plans for the Benghazi attack. Now he cites the shutdown. Even the sequester couldn’t do that! Lucky for him the golf courses are open, where business will be booming. He can practice his putting pose.

His huge carbon footprint breathes a sigh of relief. It means we get twice the lectures.

9 comments on “Obama grounded, sits out travel plans

  1. bullright says:

    Apparently, part of the trip is still on minus a few visits, so he’s only partly shrinking his carbon Hoofprint.


  2. clyde says:

    Got a GREAT idea. Since the government is only PARTIALLY shutdown, when the asshole leaves, PARTIALLY fill the fuel tanks. You like ?


  3. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Sorry bout my absence, but still not feeling 100%.

    This is just another King Sumbitch trick to make it look like he gives a shit. IMO; the Repukes will be blamed for the gov shutting down and it they will pay for it during next years elections. I do not believe this is the line in the sand the Repukes should have drawn for a gov shutdown. Public majority is not on their side with this issue.

    It’s my humble opinion the Repukes would have made a much better statement and connection with the voters making their stand with NOT allowing the debt limit to be raised without significant cuts in gov spending. The vast majority of voters are pissed off about the way DC blows money and they want it stopped.

    O’ man is just a trickster that will use this crisis to the Traitor Party’s full advantage and I’m very fearful it will backfire on the Repukes and show up in next years elections. Of course Barry has us so far off the rails already, so….


    • bullright says:

      Good to see you, Dave. Hope things are better. Hope you’re back to posting.

      . Oh yea, they don’t really care about what they do…or what happens, only who gets blamed for it. The Dems have been living on the Republicans’ tab for years. It must be nice not to be accountable for anything they do. This probably was not the best idea, but they did it. I just wish they had better communications about it. Hard to beat Dems’ propaganda. It’s an uphill battle from the beginning. Its tough to imagine they can have both fights. He definitely is way off the tracks.


      • Davetherave says:

        Thanks Bull, it’s good to be back and around though I can’t promise it will be for every post.

        The Traitor Party and Barry have our nuts banded just like a steer and soon they’ll fall off. We have so many STUPID ASS folks in this country that I see no way we can overcome this disaster. Dem’s take credit for all good and no blame for anything bad and the stupid ass, mindless morons swallow it down like we did when we were teenagers shoot beers. So many have yet to grow up and know the difference between reality and H.G. Wells out of sight dream!


        • bullright says:

          Dave, “out of sight dream” says it all. Timothy Leary would be thrilled by these prospects. And it takes so little for them to believe in these machinations. Scary.


  4. bullright says:

    I guess his travel plans are now canceled….. celebrate.


  5. bullright says:

    The fact is if not for this little shutdown thing, Obama would be jetting across Asia on his 4-stop tour. But along came the shutdown.

    So that means just as his signature, namesake ObamaCare rolls out, he would be traveling through Asia on the taxpayers dime. That would leave everyone else to defend and explain the ObamaCare. Talk about arrogance and in your face itinerary.

    As they say, “if it happens in politics, you can bet it was planned.” You can’t say that never entered their brains in the White House.


  6. bullright says:

    Just for the heck of it, here is the notorious Brubeck Quartet’s “take Five” with a signature Joe Morello solo.



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