Benghazi played?

Just when you think you have witnessed the bottom, out pops someone to probe the depths. In this case Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC host). It’s really nothing new for him but it does tell you something about modern, socialist progressives.

The other day Krauthammer made a statement that Benghazi, the issue, is about played out. Well, I always appreciate his insight but I cringed when he said it. Sure, he had his reasons but that’s a whole other matter. Along comes the Left to ride that side-car as long and hard as they can. Sort of like the Iraq war. Here’s the clip:

So there I was flipping through the channels Thursday night, and O’Donnell plays the clip as a highlight — but only that particular part. The camera returns to Lawrence who is grinning ear to ear. Facial expressions do say it all, in this case. ‘It’s over, ha ha.’

Whatever you think of Benghazi or him, it said it all about the Left. As insulting as his smiling face is, Benghazi is just about politics to the left. Just as I said many times, everything is only politics to the Left. That’s all it ever was. The four dead Americans, the heroes, the negligence of government response, the lying and coverup, the lack of accountability and responsibility…. only politics matter in the end, beginning, middle, or investigation. All politics all the time.

But soon after they turned their attention to another important real issue, Bridgegate and Chris Christie. So bury Benghazi, but Bridgegate has more legs than a centipede to them.

This comes as the left declared another story dead in the last few weeks: the IRS scandal. But may “Bridgegate” live on in infamy forever. This says all anyone needs to know about the Progressives — or whatever name they call themselves today.

So a pundit makes the gloomy point about Benghazi fading and the left stands up, cheers and jumps for joy. Says all you need to know.

Never forget.

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5 comments on “Benghazi played?

  1. Drik says:

    House INtelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan, is married to Kristi Rogers, who just happens to be president and CEO of Aegis, a security company that just happened to land the lucrative government contract for the security on Benghazi. Who apparantly didn’t figure that they would really have to provide intense security. So if Congress investigates Benghazi, there is good possiblity that Kristi could face public humiliation, charges, fines, and even go to jail.
    Don’t hold your breath.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post and great “still alive subject IMO” Bull! I’m a huge fan of Krauthammer and sadly; I agree with him. Facts are facts (facts are based on reality and reality is based on who tells the best lie over and over) and the commies are winning the lie war!

    No matter how much we raise hell, bitch and grip, write our elected officials, sign petitions…not a damn thing changes. Could it be all in DC are on the same side though we are supposed to have a two party system??

    As the Italians would say, “I traditori possono baciarmi il culo”!


    • bullright says:

      Yea Dave, they usually win the soundbite, then we have to counter that narrative. Charles did a nuanced explanation but the only words they heard was it’s over. (fireworks to follow) Now its up to the people to keep it alive, almost solely. Boehner blew it. It’s like Groundhog Day. Not sure of the Italian interpretation.


    • bullright says:

      Okay, quite appropriate….



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