Red day for Trump and eminent abuse

Today is a red-letter day for me with the 2016 race. I saw the interview of Trump on Fox that set me off. In it, Trump showed his exuberance for ’eminent domain’ — which includes all the modern uses and abuses of it. This might be a surprise to some people.

I know people have mentioned this before but when he was asked point blank on his position on it, he called it “wonderful.” And he implied that conservatives don’t understand the issue. Here is a video link to the entire Bret Baier interview.

Trump Eminent DomainTrump cited the example of “wonderful if you are building a highway.” Right, that’s always been there but we are talking the evolution of eminent domain. No, they don’t always get a lot of money as Trump claimed and he referred to people as “hold outs” for not going along. What they get is little choice on their own property, for other interests.

Of course he tries to cite the benign use of it but then branched into developments and factories, etc. In which he said “it is fine.” I also detect he is very vulnerable on this issue. Let’s admit there is a difference between “public use,” such as a bridge or highway, and private or corporate use. Been there done that. (For example, see Castle Coalition)

The Donald then went on to say he agreed with Kelo decision, in 2005, 100%. So, now he isn’t talking the eminent domain, historically, but the hybrid. (and hyper use of it) The decision which coincidentally caused states to scramble, and public outrage, to legislate various fixes to try to plug the dam that was already breached.

I won’t go on at length now on it, I’ve been writing about this issue since it popped out of the SCOTUS rectum. I regard it as one of the worst decisions in the Court. I haven’t been negative on Trump before although not a Trump supporter. I appreciated the vigor, and anti-establishment voice he brought. I regarded his candidacy as a good thing. Thanks!

There is so much wrong with E/D, in its current inception, but there is a whole lot wrong with Trump standing on this hill. He’s unapologetic about it and so am I. He fully understands the conservatives’ approach? Then he complains it was not explained to most conservatives. Trust me on this, we got the message alright — and they understand.

While Trumpmania may have some mileage left, I can’t look the other way. I’m swearing off the juice in favor of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It’s a hell of a hill he is standing on and littered with victims. I’ll stand with Hamiilton, Locke, the Declaration and the Constitution, and original interpretation. I’ll stand on that real estate.

To others, you may or not support him, that’s your bag. I don’t care, and don’t hold it against anyone that does. I’m just saying he lost me on that hilltop.

14 comments on “Red day for Trump and eminent abuse

  1. Davetherave says:

    Yep, the Trumpster has a long standing of loving ’eminent domain.’ What millionaire/billionaire developer would not? That’s how they make their fortune. Do I hate the idea? Yes I do. Do I believe it goes against our constitution? Yes I do. Is this a reason I have a problem going ‘all-in’ with Trump? Yes it is. And I’m sure in my mind there’s more than just this issue.

    Trump does a great job pointing out what so many of us are pissed off about with the establishment/elites/media. But, he does have his own cross(es) to bare and this is a big one for me. I’m a huge Thomas Jefferson fan, so I have issues with anyone that comes out of the gate flowing off our civil rights.

    We’re stuck in a real pile of quick sand again Bull. What are we (Repuke voters) willing to let pass to keep something even more evil squatting in our WH? Trump bucks the RINO/establishment/elite/media bullshit we love to hear, but the skeletons in his closet scare me just as much. Can we actually get ANYONE nominated that our Founders would be proud to support? I think sadly at this point the answer is no. We’re f*cked no matter now I look at it. It just depends on if we prefer lubricant…

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    • Davetherave says:

      Sorry Bull for once again being a long winded bastard, but I knew this would come up eventually.


    • Bullright says:

      Wow touched a nerve there too I guess. I knew at the outset I was willing to overlook a lot in order to have a mouthpiece to stand up to the establishment crap. (ED is establishment crap) So I see your point. Though it isn’t just his personal use that gets me.

      I, and apparently many people, were pissed off enough to grant him wide birth. (he should be thankful for that atmosphere) This is a stickler to me.and part of the big reason, when I trace it, why I’m so pissed off. He didn’t even acknowledge the national problem it became. So there’s a good bit of denial in there. He didn’t even try to come to terms with it. Blaming Club for Growth for not liking him was cheap, and a bit selfish, come on.

      I give him credit for what he did and brought though. Sure, lots of things wrong with him, I imagine, but this was a deal breaker statement for me. Show me someone running who doesn’t have issues. They lampooned Herman Cain last time for much less. This was not an excuse for my change, just a bridge too far.

      Far as others, I do like Cruz. He’s the man I guess. (even Huckster understood the problem in E/D) Hey, why would a great person want to run to become turnip salad for these chances? I can’t blame them. I am just hoping Mitt doesn’t jump in, but don’t rule it out. Got to hand it t Trump, he only spent 2 mil so far and look what he got for it. (probably less than one mortgage) There’s a lesson.

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  2. the unit says:

    So then we just got left or right, imputed rental value to be fair for the illegal immigrant masses invading the west. Move out, not move on though. become homeless yourself for social justice. And share your sheared head too to cut costs.

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  3. Hardnox says:

    In this instance, Eminent Domain was created to transform ghettos into inhabitable places that provided a net plus to the tax base of cities circumventing the kumbaya bullshit. Is it Constitutional? NO. Neither is Affirmative Action, Welfare, and a mirade of other stuff written in invisible ink that only the supreme Court and lefties can manage to see.

    I want, Pres Trump, prez Cruz, or prez Carson to kick some major ass beginning in 2017.

    I want Congressional oversight on ALL agencies, I want impeachment proceedings to begin on ALL federal judges that will not enforce or abide by the Constitution, I want ALL illegals deported, I want Hillary in jail… I’m just warming up.

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  4. I’m happy for your red letter day, my friend.

    Here’s something Jonah Goldberg wrote a month ago in National Review, under the headline “No Movement That Embraces Trump Can Call Itself Conservative“:

    I am tempted to believe that Donald Trump’s biggest fans are not to be relied upon in the conservative cause. I have hope they will come to their senses. But it’s possible they won’t. And if the conservative movement and the Republican party allow themselves to be corrupted by this flim-flammery, then so be it. My job will be harder, my career will suffer, and I’ll be ideologically homeless (though hardly alone). That’s not so scary. Conservatism began in the wilderness and maybe, like the Hebrews, it would return from it stronger and ready to rule. But I’m not leaving without a fight. If my side loses that fight, all I ask is you stop calling the Trumpian cargo cult “conservative” and maybe stop the movement long enough for me to get off.

    – Jeff

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    • Bullright says:

      Well he makes points. Much as I like Jonah, there are circumstances here that need to be addressed. But I’m always amazed how on the left all the marginal groups are incorporated. Washington and the establishment has brought much of this on themselves. Now they cry when the marbles are stacking up against them. What the hell did they expect? Wasn’t it about time, over due? If they can’t work with or function with it, what happens next time? I have said for years the problem with conservatives and Republicans has been their messaging. But I digress….


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