Camp Hillary’s offensive on Trump

Wasting no time after Trump emerged from Indiana as the presumptive nominee, John Podesta realeased a statement of what they think of Donald Trump.

Podesta: Trump is too divisive, risky to be president

By POLITICO Staff | 05/03/16 | Politico

Hillary Clinton’s campaign signaled on Tuesday that it will paint Donald Trump as an unstable, dangerous bully with no interest in helping ordinary Americans, judging from comments made by campaign chairman John Podesta.

Trump is “too divisive” and “lacks the temperament” to be president, Podesta wrote in a statement issued after the real estate mogul won the Indiana Republican presidential primary, knocking Texas Sen. Ted Cruz out of the race and claiming the GOP nomination.

“Fundamentally, our next president will need to do two things: keep our nation safe in a dangerous world and help working families get ahead here at home,” Podesta said. “Donald Trump is not prepared to do either.”

“Throughout this campaign, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he’s too divisive and lacks the temperament to lead our nation and the free world,” he continued. “With so much at stake, Donald Trump is simply too big of a risk.”

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Beyond their attempt to define Trump as quickly as possible, they now roll out the terms. Start with unstable, dangerous, bully and move on from there. It’s a Hillary indictment.

But Trump constructed an empire, over years, and successfully managed a corporate business employing thousands, operating internationally. Trump offers much more economically and with domestic policies than Hillary does that would benefit people — all people not just segments of voters. Progs could consider any businessman a bully.


What is unstable is having a candidate under possible indictment as the nominee. No one in Hillary’s campaign holds that certainty in their hands. They just don’t know. She’s committed almost every infraction. She breached protocol and disgraced the [public] office she held by violating the rules of conduct that she swore to uphold. Then she makes a mockery of the entire process calling in a security review. She laughs at possible indictment saying that is not going to happen. The convenient ties of contributions to the Clinton Foundation are another issue under pending investigation. She constantly lied.

Clinton could not account for her own whereabouts during the Benghazi attack. Then she pushed the video lie, even to the victims’ grieving family members. She could not explain the lack of response to the ongoing attack. Rather she went home and slept through the 3 AM phone calls. She claimed full responsibility then never took any. Stability… not.

Keep our nation safe

Hillary champions the policy of not calling it radical Islamic terrorism. She was all aboard riding the Mo-Bro train through the Mid East and here at home, even within government. She is all for importing the refugee crisis here without concern for our safety and security. She looked the other way on Obama’s illegal executive amnesty and promised to build on it. She helped to initiate the ‘rotten to the nuclear-core’ Iran deal. She supports sanctuary cities and the other failed policies that devastated our country. Pass on safety.


What’s riskier than the author of the Benghazi adventure which led to a failed state? Or riskier than their Egypt intervention, or the arms that flowed across Libya’s shores to Syria. The entire Mid East and greater Europe is on fire, thanks to her tenure as Secretary of State. Speaking of “loose cannons.” She advocated the Libyan adventure then deserted our own ambassador who was doing her bidding, and setting up the outpost after every other embassy was fleeing the violence that followed those actions.

Hillary and the state department refused to list Boko Haram as a Terrorist group in Africa. She actually increased developmental aid instead. Only years later, after she left State, did we finally designate it a terrorist group. Of course ,with her spurious experience, imagine the divisiveness and risk inherent in her nominating judges, or other nominees.

Dangerous world

Thanks in large part to her and Obama it is a very dangerous world, more so now than when they started. Pull out of Iraq led to Isis, and possibly the fall of Iraq in the near future. But Biden was eager to claim Iraq one of their great successes at the start.

Too divisive and lacks the temperament to lead our nation

Hillary is the most divisive politician, next to Obama. She’s already talked about using executive power and rolling out gun control. Her economic and regulatory, environmental policies are as bad as Obama’s if not worse. Again, her support for sanctuary cities do not unite people. Her temperament has been highly questionable, while her distrust and dishonesty ratings are through the roof even among Democrats. A fickle leader.

Nation at risk

Our nation was never at greater risk than under Hillary’s tenure at State and in Obama’s administration. Now her advocacy for refugees and lack of concern for our border are two of the greatest risks. Then there is the budget and spending which also creates giant risk, as it did with Obama. So we already are a nation at great risk. (er greatest)

I think Hillary mitigates virtually any perceived risk of a Trump administration.

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10 comments on “Camp Hillary’s offensive on Trump

  1. Hardnox says:

    What an asshat. John Podesta is Obama’s Executive Order Czar and lackey in charge of the center for American progress, another George Soreholes financed group. I think it hysterical that the turd shining has already begun.

    Your commentary is spot on.

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  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Great post Bull! I really don’t know what to add as you have pretty much covered the whole of it. John Podesta, a criminal prog or commie. I get sick of the PC BS of calling commies progressives.

    He’s got some nerve writing that. And I’m sure Trump will have plenty of ammo to launch at the criminal Hillary.

    One thing I noticed is that he used what the establos were using on Trump before he won. Thanks GOPe for giving the real enemy ammo. Dirt bags!

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    • Bullright says:

      Yep, they are sure looking to cover Hillary’s bloody past by attacking Trump. Right, they were fed a good start. And funny that Hillary is the ultimate estabo candidate who believes she is destined for the office. She never expected to have to work for it.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        She still thinks she is the Queen that we are all supposed to bow to. No she never ever expected to work for the coronation. She needs to be crowned but not in the way she wants.

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  3. the unit says:

    Yeah the left has come out swinging, they never stop. Some blogs are saying our side needs to lighten up and take a rest now that we have a presumptive nominee. Ok, I’m exhausted now too.
    But the sooner Trump starts swinging, jabbing, and punching Hillary and showing headway, then maybe the sooner we will be joined by some of our old friends who hopefully are just temporarily sidelined.
    Could be a better display than Cruz vs Heidi. lol

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  4. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. If this idiot writer didn’t name a specific person, I’d swear he was writing about Hitlary! Pot calling kettle, glass houses…ya’ know.

    The big advantage I see Trump has over Hitlary is she’s been the same corrupt, lying, bully bitch in the public arena for 30 years. The Pant Suit Queen is not going to change. Trump has been in the private sector that entire time and the private sector is a different beast totally. He has no votes on record.

    This should be fun. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to tear the Clinton Cabal a new one!

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    • the unit says:

      One advantage we will have is he will be subject to impeachment and conviction. Hillary will be another unimpeachable and un-convictable one.
      Let’s see who could his term insurance VP be…as it was said Biden was to Obama. I don’t think Pat Paulsen is still living.


    • Bullright says:

      Dave, oh those advantages of not being in the establishment for eternity. I bet the 60’s anti-establishment Hillary would be surprised at the future.

      It should be fun sort of like a gator eating a chicken, not much of a the process.


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