Obama and his legion of sock puppets

A sock puppet, in the context of online communications, is a fake identity created to promote someone or something through blogs, wikis, forums or social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

sock puppet photo: sock puppet sock_puppet.jpgSock puppets are often created to improve the status of some company or other entity or to promote a particular viewpoint that is expected to be helpful to that entity. Fake identities are created to circumvent site bans, increase product sales, improve or tarnish reputations, spread disinformation and stifle dissent, among other possibilities.

Sometimes people create their own sock puppets; sometimes they hire others to do so. Someone hired to create a sock puppet is referred to as a meat puppet, an Internet shill or a cyber shill. The use of a sock puppet to artificially stimulate demand for a product or service is known as sock puppet marketing.

Okay, now that we all know the general term and definition of sock puppets, we can move on. So what Obama does is call out his minions and re-broadcast his message through a legion of useful idiots, aka sock puppets. Sure they may be real people, but there is nothing real or original about what they say. There was nothing original about Obama either.

Want a great example of this just tour the twitter universe at a given time. After the chief loon utters one of his verbal commands, you see them scurrying to place his words into the dialogue wherever, and I mean wherever, they can. Don’t believe me? Just go to any popular representative or Senator’s page — mostly those on the Republican side — and see for yourself. All the talking points boiled down to useful twitter-verse lingo. It doesn’t matter what they reply to, the same talking points. Mostly off topic, makes no difference. They just spout toxic verbiage whereever they feel like taking a dump.

I am talking about the stupid subject of sock puppets only because of their narrative. They are obnoxious. They don’t have to know or understand what they are saying, and chances are they don’t want to. Remember how “Mic Check” was used in OWS dialogue. (if one can call that dialogue) They just offer a mouthpiece to project Obama’s sound-bite agenda. It’s simple. He’s the ventriloquist, they are the puppets. But they can also email and call reps, per orders, or whatever happens to be on Obama’s menu.

There is little difference from one to another. Reply to any of them and they block you and call you a troll. They have their too-cute-by-half hashtags and contacts on Twitter. They are there so you cannot ignore them. Of course, it’s right up Obama’s alley with all those fictional followers he and the First Twit have. These are just self activating bots.

RightRing | Bullright

3 comments on “Obama and his legion of sock puppets

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    Wow, Bull, your excellent mind is in overdrive right now. I sure do agree with all you said. These sock puppets are inane. There is no thinking process and no logic in their doodles repeating the liar’s line of BS. And if you say anything you are labeled something you definitely are not. We, the people of reason and logic are now called the crazy ones no matter what the subject.


    • Bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, I guess it was a few stray thoughts I had. Yea there’s no logic, it’s a bit like watching a flea circus. It’s amazing anyone will carry his water but they still do. What really gets me is our reps getting hammered. When you see this on their web pages you know it is having some effect. (Boehner and other leaders) The same way the obnoxious OWS kept harping on and on and people couldn’t help but hear it. It doesn’t have to be a majority. Every time a member of congress makes a big statement, they go to their account and beat the Marxist drum.


  2. Bullright says:

    Okay one little example. But it is pretty typical, especially when anyone makes a valid point about Dems and their obfuscational Senate. See:



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