Welcome to Circleville, formerly USA

(no offense to any towns named Circleville.) A little venting, and then some.

Circleville is a place that used to be just called USA, but much has happened to change that. Now its a place where upside down is rightside up, down is up, in is out, and most arguments are shrouded in specious reasoning and circular logic. It’s no longer important to even appear reasonable or rational. Actually, it is vogue to be unreasonable.

Whatever you find fault with, they tell you there is nothing you can do about it and your grievance is the real problem, so don’t worry about it. Your complaints are irrelevant.

But the only way you really know it is Circleville and not the USA is when you dissent from their status quo, or what is happening. To buck the trend is to be outcast. They use all this circular logic to tell you how you are wrong. It doesn’t actually prove anything, it is just supposed to shut you up. Slowly, you will either get used to it or just shut up.

One way or another you will be worn down to agree that up is down and down is up, and even like it — that is the goal. In the meantime, it all seems rather backward and does not make sense. They are confident that one day you will agree or at least stop making waves.

This consensus that runs things is driven by the desires of the “correct” populace who are always looking to evolve a little more. There is no limit to this evolution. (call it forced evolution) However, there is a severe restriction against not changing. Failure to change is now taboo — which will bring all the names down on you such as knuckle-dragger. You are considered the problem, not those bent on changing everything.

The heroes are those like Bill Ayers and traitors, or those deserters in the military they want to build monuments to. Real, traditional heroes are discarded as non-conformists and considered part of the problem. So their hero status is revoked, if it was ever justifiable.

To win is to lose. To lose is definitely winning, such as losing the US which they consider gain. But when you ask, they say “sure America is exceptional”… but so is Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba, N Korea, Russia, etc. All things are equal, you know, except when they say they aren’t.

The same principles followed Obama into the Oval Office. The scandal-plagued administration rewards those who screw up and, in some cases, deliberately violate the law.(what is the law anyway?) They are celebrated. We have members of Congress with checkered pasts, who not only retain their careers but ascend to higher positions. Alcee Hastings, impeached as a federal judge, is in Congress. The one man who beat Barack Obama in Illinois, Bobby Rush, a black panther, is a beloved political leader.

A cop killer is elevated to MLK status, and turned into an example for school children. The death penalty is considered inhumane, while no compassion is left for real victims. Terrorists of the sixties are given tenured professorships at Universities. They write the curriculum for school children. A tax cheat is put in charge of the IRS. A man who could not pass the security clearance is made president. His attorney general oversees gunrunning in Mexico. And when he is held in contempt, part of Congress stages a walkout crying racism. The president declares Congress irrelevant in his SOTU speech as half of Congress cheer and give him a standing ovation.

Bill Ayers is turned into a teacher, on elementary curriculum no less, and a professor. How many of the 60’s radicals and terrorists just found their way into our government or system? You would think it is planned. Is it just coincidence they landed up there? John Kerry is a double-talking, lying, war protestor and now Secretary of State. Eric Holder sought the pardon on Marc Rich is Attorney General. But they aren’t just there, they are hailed as great public servants. Bill Clinton is considered the greatest politician, possibly president — infamous for his conduct. The left will turn criminals into heroes. They turn cop killers into icons, heroes, and teachers. Someone that may not qualify to run for president is hailed as exactly the right choice, unquestioned.

But others without checkered pasts are turned into villains. Koch brothers are the epitome of evil. Mitt Romney is depicted as just a greedy rich guy. Now being pro-abortion is to support the dignity of life. And so on.

Terrorism is committed by a worldwide ideology of hatred of America and its history, and the response is to put members of those factions into positions of power in the government. Release some of the worst from prisons because we have no room. Bring in people from the worst criminal countries and give them full government subsidies.Call our enemies in the world our friends and attack our allies for doing the right thing. Try to take money from our allies to give terrorists and our enemies. Call it the sensible approach.

So it continues with the Constitutional power to impeach Obama. Sure, it might be the correct thing to do but we cannot do what is right or correct anymore, in Circleville. Instead, we must see that he is “not be impeached” — read protect him from impeachment — because it would cause even more harm to the country. It would be bad politically, and the President’s party would gain. It would not be confirmed by the Senate and make a mockery out of the process, thereby the Constitution itself. So now we must make sure it is not pursued. Impeachment is just a fundraising tool to Obama. War to Hamas is a fundraising campaign. Justice is redefined through a Liberal wormhole of social justice. Opaque is clear and clear is opaque.

This is a strange, backwards, upside down place now. Right is wrong, and wrong has become right — not just considered “right” but now considered the moral high-ground. No longer is doing the right thing right, with all the associated costs, but is reprehensible – objectionable.

You see it does not end and these are only some examples. It keeps changing and going so there are constantly new ones. Campaigning on transparency, in effect, means lying and hiding the truth. Debate now means stifling it. Campaign law means campaign corruption. It’s all around. But choose not to accept it? You have no choice, that’s the idea.
Enjoy you’re visit, or else.

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Kerry shirks anti-Israel criticism

Kerry shrugs off Israeli criticism

By MATTHEW LEE — July 29, 2014


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday widespread criticism of his efforts to win a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas don’t worry him and said he will continue to work toward that goal because Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked him to.

“I have taken hits before in politics, I am not worried about it,” he told reporters at the State Department. “This is not about me.”

Kerry said he is convinced that a humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza followed by negotiations to resolve the underlying causes of the conflict is “more appropriate” than continuing to wage war.

“I am not going to worry about personal attacks,” he said, adding that he and President Barack Obama are convinced “it is more appropriate to try to resolve the underlying issues at a negotiating table than to continue a tit-for-tat of violence that will invite more violence and perhaps a greater downward spiral which would be much more difficult to recover from.”

Kerry has come under harsh criticism in Israel and among its supporters for pushing a cease-fire last week that critics believe will hurt the security of the Jewish state and give legitimacy to the militant Hamas movement that controls Gaza. On Monday, several senior Obama administration officials hit back at the criticism and defended Kerry’s efforts as those of a true friend to Israel.

Though he said he wasn’t “worried” by the criticism, Kerry showed flashes of pique in his comments, noting at one point that he had a 100-percent pro-Israel voting record in thortuae Senate and would not “take a second seat to anybody” in his devotion to Israel’s security.

Kerry also said he wouldn’t be pushing for a ceasefire if Netanyahu hadn’t asked him to.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu himself said to me, ‘Can you try to get a humanitarian cease-fire for this period of time?’ And if it weren’t for his commitment to it, obviously the president of the United States and I would not be trying to make this effort,” Kerry said.

“Now either I take his commitment at face value or someone is playing a different game here, and I hope that’s not the fact,” he said.

Copyright The Associated Press

He’s right on one thing, this is not about him. Kerry attempts to interpret it all as personal criticism. Sorry, Kerry, it really is about much more than you.

Buried within is the statement Netanyahu asked him to. Does that tell us something?(wonder what Hamas says?) One side is interested in the endgame. Unfortunately, the war is the means and endgame to Arabs. It is a p/r campaign and a fundraiser to Hamas. It just won them 47 million USD.(plus their other aid)

He goes on to say he has taken personal political hits before. Is that what this is to him, a personal hit? He was a presidential candidate remember, votes away from the oval office. How would he have handled that criticism?

On the other hand, he doles out enough criticism like calling Israel apartheid and his criticism about a “pinpoint operation” of Israel. When did Hamas pin-point their attacks or rockets? They started out by kidnapping and murdering 3 random students.

Thanks, Dr. Kerry, for your pinpoint criticism of Israel. But personal? Only if it is personal with you, which it could be as with other anti-Israel zealots. If he could only remember when he speaks as Sec. of State that he is speaking for the US, not himself. So we have plenty of right to be critical of his words.

Thoughts: others


Looking at the month of August, I realized there was no holiday for this month. I know a group of people who deserve one – all the families of our military. These mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, suffered and cried and prayed. We need a national day of recognition in which to honor them. I believe that a perfect date would be August 8th, so easy to remember i.e. 8-8.

Their heroism began the day their loved ones were sent into harms way – their worrying, their anxiety, their praying that they will be coming home but in what condition. Some come home dead and the family suffers this agony and the funeral – some come home with varying injuries and have to suffer the indignation their loved ones receive from the Veteran Administration and more die and must be buried. Many of the brave that do make it home have serious injuries that will last a lifetime, with not only the veteran suffering but all their families.

Whatever happened to the stars that were once hung in the windows of a house showing a family member was in the military? The star indicating a member in the service was blue – we need a purple one for any who were injured, a red one for all those retired and a black one to indicate one had died, either on duty or retired. Are these stars still available?

We don’t want to wait for the government to do this nor should we – this should be a grass roots effort so WE THE PEOPLE can properly say THANK YOU. I hope and pray with all my heart every person who receives this say THANK YOU to a family who had a member in the military, and if possible, buy them a star, I believe August 8th will become recognized across the country and without government involvement because WE THE PEOPLE do care.

Plot on Israel discovered

Security Sources Say Hamas Planned a Massive ‘Terror Tunnels’ Attack for September 24

Sharona Schwartz | The Blaze

The Israel Defense Forces have uncovered so far more than 30 tunnels meticulously dug over years by Hamas as a means to infiltrate under the border from Gaza and launch attacks on Israel.

Now, the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv has reported one brazen and chilling way Hamas had been planning to use its tunnels before Israel began uncovering some of them this week and dismantling them.

Quoting unnamed Israeli security sources, Ma’ariv reported that the plan was to send 200 terrorists through each tunnel simultaneously – using dozens of tunnels – to six Israeli communities in southern Israel for a shocking attack on the Jewish high holiday of Rosh Hashanah which this year begins on September 24.

Once there, the Hamas gunman planned to kill or kidnap as many Israelis as possible and bring the latter back to Gaza with them, again via the tunnels.

More http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/07/27/security-sources-say-hamas-planned-a-massive-terror-tunnels-attack-for-september-24/

Putin is not in Obama’s mirage

Putin has sized him up.

If you made a sports analogy, you could say Putin acts like the superstar and Obama is like the guy on the bench who never played a full game, let alone scored, with a lot to prove to everyone including himself.

Obama has this ideal mirage but Putin doesn’t fit in the vision, yet he cannot ignore him. Every time Obama wants a coconut Putin is stealing it right before his eyes. Obama hasn’t caught on to the game yet, or figured out a response. So he acts like it doesn’t matter. But Putin is determined to keep going until he gets a reaction from him.

Putin might have been watching CNN Crossfire. Back in March they had an informal poll asking who had the the stronger hand on the Ukraine crisis?

I bet that was every bit of Obama’s loyal support. Putin sure won the perception.

Remember when Kerry said on Meet the Press :

“President Putin is not operating from a place of strength here, Yanukovych was his, you know, supported president. Yanukovych was thrown out, despite Putin’s support. Yanukovych turned on his own people. President Putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner that will invite the opprobrium of the world and it already is.”

“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text, It is serious in terms of sort of the modern manner with which nations are going to resolve problems.”

Apparently no one has informed Putin of that process yet. Maybe Putin has the same problem the American people have, not understanding Obama properly. They told us that if Obama was guilty of anything, it was not explaining the issue clearly enough to us. So we just didn’t understand and still don’t. I wonder why he hasn’t said that to Putin?

And remember when Kerry wanted Putin to get on their freshly built off-ramp? Those mind games and perception illusions didn’t seem to work. Putin didn’t find the off-ramp. If this is a perception battle between Obama and Putin, who wins? Putin has over 85% support-approval in Russia. Obama, in his dwindling 30-some percent and lack of trust, has a huge deficit off the bat. But Obama wants to play the perception game anyway and act like he has the momentum. The problem is Putin understands the reality. It appears to be a zero sum game: as Putin gains Obama loses cred.

Barry, the 80’s called … and boy are they pissed.

Now Putin offers to be peace-maker for Israel and Gaza. Feel the love. That is bigger than it sounds. Even creating a distraction works in Putin’s favor. He offers to jump in the ME. Peace doesn’t have to be the objective. Stalling or diverting action on Iran could be just one side-effect he is seeking. He also threatens to back out on Iran sanctions.

In ‘O8 the Obama campaign ran the ad saying: “The next president will be tested. But here’s what Biden actually said about Barack Obama: ‘They’re gonna find out this guy’s got steel in his spine.'”

So in 6 years now, have we found out anything about Barack Obama? Have we confirmed that spine of steel yet? Putin must see his spine of steel. That is a heck of an image though in the face of Iran going nuclear, Israel under attack, Syria in protracted war, Putin doing cartwheels on Ukraine, Christians being persecuted everywhere, Islamists rummaging through Iraq, and a brand new caliphate declared (I’m looking for an historic precedent for that) — after Obama lectured terrorism was on the decline.

So now that everyone has seen and agrees about Obama’s spine of steel, no one can ask that question anymore. Right? Well, that was Biden’s assertion with the remark that, having sailed through the testing, Obama’s inexperience would not be an issue because he would have proven himself. That mirage illusion. And that was just on the world stage.

At home the border is overflowing with a Tsunami of illegals, scandals everywhere you look in government, ObamaCare challenges, new polls show he is the worst president post WWII, and people do not trust him, all his hype and promises are in the dustbin, an ambassador and 3 Americans killed in a terrorist attack on the eve of his reelection, and lying seems to the course of action whenever questioned, and the IRS — the guardianof Obamacare — is buried in scandal, the VA is mired in scandal. (Even Putin doesn’t seem to have those problems) Hey, on the upside, there are still a cadre of people prodding him to go Executive Order crazy on his opposition.

We’re all seeing the steel arrogance of a dictator to anyone who disagrees with him. He doesn’t show that to enemies of the US in the world. Oh, but he does show it to our allies. Isn’t it strange how that works?

As Vladimir Lenin put it: “Probe with a bayonet. If you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, then push.”

The wierd twist of hypocritical irony is this: back in his first campaign you can find a slew of comments and words littering the trail. He used terms for fighting about bullies, not taking it lying down, fight, fight for you, and not coming in second.

Wouldn’t you infer something from all that tough talk about the foreign policy and actions of the man in office? It represented toughness, taking the fight to the enemy, and not standing down but standing up to bullies. And you would be completely wrong about him on foreign policy or dealing with enemies etc. Spine of steel is a spine of spaghetti.

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Obama’s Casablanca problem

The infamous scene from Casablanca is the line “shocked that there’s gambling going on here.” No one could be that naive, it would seem. I’ve said my Casablanca face is wearing thin. How many times can you feign shock when the reality is you should have expected it? It’s tough to remain surprised anymore.

That brings me to the point in this post. Obama’s problem; it’s not necessarily a problem with reality. The problem is his reaction to reality. His perception is a problem.

Now we have a large percentage of people in the US that are not shocked anymore by the scandals, his rhetoric, the conditions and our policies, or even by the condition of the country. People are beyond that, they are in Casablanca now.

We also have a saying: “I’m from Missouri,” the “show me” state. When we’ve gotten to the point where we expect corruption and cannot give politicians any benefit of doubt, much less trust them, then we are in a dark place. But where we are not is the state of denial. At this point, they’d have to show us something, consistently. Obama speechifies about being consistent. He’s consistently wrong.

In denial seems to be where Obama is though. In denial that we are on to him and see through him, that his policies are not the cure he thinks they are. In denial about the causes and effects of real problems. Denial about reality.

The old line on Russia was “trust but verify.” We can’t trust politicians and can’t verify anything….except our reason not to believe them. For some unknown reason this does not seem to bother Captain Denial. He seems to relish that we don’t trust him, just as long as we can’t trust anyone else either. It’s fine with him.

But now he is talking it up by saying the dangdest things to the dangdest people. He asks his base of borderless Brahmas, when they demand he take more executive action and decrease deportation for illegal aliens, “You’re not going to get me impeached, are you?” Does he now see a Constitutional limit on his executive credit card? No, it’s an excuse. He claimed he has lots of other stuff to do too.(and more EOs) He’s reminding them that they brung him to the dance, and need to go home with him at the end. (as Rangel says)

As for the rest of us, in growing numbers, we’re in Casablanca. Nothing he does should shock us anymore. But we aren’t alone, the rest of the world doesn’t believe Obama much either. For a faith-based candidate and a faith-based presidency, that says something.

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SOS Jeb Bush on the road again

While trying to sound tough, he was only repackaging the same old circular logic.

Jeb Bush on border: Send the kids home

By JONATHAN TOPAZ | 7/24/14 | Politico

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says in a new op-ed that the vast majority of children who have crossed the border illegally must be sent back home, and he called on House Republicans to take action on immigration reform.

“Now is the time for House Republicans to demonstrate leadership on this issue,” Bush wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Wednesday evening that he co-authored with Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute. “Congress should not use the present crisis as an excuse to defer comprehensive immigration reform.”

Bush said the influx of 50,000 undocumented children along the U.S.-Mexico border “is the latest consequence of the failure of President [Barack] Obama and Congress to overhaul America’s broken immigration system.”

“The best antidote to illegal immigration is a functioning system of legal immigration,” he wrote.

The potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016 called for “compassion” in the op-ed, harking back to his comments in April that many illegal immigrants come to the U.S. out of an “act of love.”

“Except for those deserving few who may demonstrate true cause for asylum or protection from sex trafficking, these children must be returned to their homes in Central America,” Bush wrote.

hRead more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/jeb-bush-immigration-crisis-children-border-109321.html

Let me try to unpack his statements.

“Now is the time for House Republicans to demonstrate leadership on this issue,”

You don’t get it, do you? This is a crisis of Obama’s making. We have zero trust in him to enforce law. Now you want a new one. Congress cannot even trust him with a new law, much less enforce the ones we have.

“the latest consequence of the failure of President [Barack] Obama and Congress to overhaul America’s broken immigration system.”

Obama took the liberty to change the law already. That’s what caused this crisis.

“The best antidote to illegal immigration is a functioning system of legal immigration.”

Look, Jeb, you seem like a smart guy. You do realize these people ignore and break our law now? Shouldn’t someone be blaming “enforcement” of the law? (lack of)

“Except for those deserving few who may demonstrate true cause for asylum or protection from sex trafficking, these children must be returned to their homes in Central America.”

Sounds like an enforcement problem to me. Or lack thereof. Instead, we’re sending signals of non-enforcement and halting deportations, and the smoke signals have hovered for a few years. They are coming in the hopes of changing the law and receiving amnesty. So the only answer then is changing the law?

Someone please show Jeb to the door. Two people in one family was quite enough. He sounds like Obama, for Pete’s sake, blaming Congress for what Obama did. That’s right, he wants to run alright but he doesn’t want to be stained by the current political environment. He wants the road cleared and paved ahead of him.

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IRS’ mission: to destroy hard drives

IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives

Loss of Lois Lerner emails amid tea party targeting probe unresolved

Days after IRS officials said in a sworn statement that former top agency employee Lois G. Lerner’s computer memory had been wiped clean, the agency put out word to contractors Monday that it needs help to destroy at least another 3,200 hard drives.

The Internal Revenue Service solicitation for “media destruction” services reflects an otherwise routine job to protect sensitive taxpayer information, but it was made while the agency’s record destruction practices remain under a sharp congressional spotlight.
The loss of Ms. Lerner’s hard drive also raised broader questions about why the tax agency never reported the missing records to the National Archives and Records Administration, as required by the Federal Records Act.

While those questions remained unresolved, IRS officials signaled plans to destroy tens of thousands of additional electronic records.

“After all media are destroyed, they must not be capable of any reuse or information retrieval,” IRS officials stated in the contract papers.

The agency estimates the need to destroy at least 65,464 magnetic tapes, 3,225 hard drives, 5,856 floppy disks and 708 reels, according to procurement records.

About 500,000 pieces of electronic data — including cassette tapes, reels, CDs, hard drives and USB media — have been collected since 2008, according to the IRS solicitation.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/21/irs-seeks-help-destroying-another-3200-computer-ha/#ixzz38OLR82CG

Funny what has become a priority to the IRS. All of a sudden like this is their big problem. From a couple rogue employees to needing to destroy 3 thousand hard drives. I guess it’s time for house cleaning. Remember, these are professionals, do not try this at home.

Clergy and NYT right on cue

U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children


After protesters shouting “Go home” turned back busloads of immigrant mothers and children in Murrieta, Calif., a furious Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, sat down at his notepad and drafted a blog post detailing his shame at the episode, writing, “It was un-American; it was unbiblical; it was inhumane.”

When the governor of Iowa, Terry E. Branstad, said he did not want the migrants in his state, declaring, “We can’t accept every child in the world who has problems,” clergy members in Des Moines held a prayer vigil at a United Methodist Church to demonstrate their desire to make room for the refugees.

The United States’ response to the arrival of tens of thousands of migrant children, many of them fleeing violence and exploitation in Central America, has been symbolized by an angry pushback from citizens and local officials who have channeled their outrage over illegal immigration into opposition to proposed shelter sites. But around the nation, an array of religious leaders are trying to mobilize support for the children, saying the nation can and should welcome them. …Plenty More


As I have been talking about, and with an upcoming civil disobedience rally coming up to top it off. I would have one question for them. If this is their position then will they accept the responsibility for more coming? Wait, I know the answer. But I meant are they going to accept blame for more of them coming because of their actions?

So Obama that would not even visit the border that he is responsible for is now down in favorability partly from this, partly just because of his many scandals. They need to raise support for Obama and his policies which caused the mess. Send out the support wagons and have press push it. He wouldn’t say or do anything to halt the problem, yet expects people go out to push public opinion.

Oh, do you see him or this administration even talking about Christians being persecuted on a massive scale around the world? They can’t advocate on that. Quite the opposite, the silence speaks volumes. Obama won’t even intervene for a US soldier in a Mexican prison. What about all the rest of us who have to endure all the affects of Obama’s border crisis?

So they are getting their “anger” up. The anger should be at Obama for causing this.

The struggle we must understand – part 2

Now I mentioned that example in the first part and now I’ll add my comments about it. Once you understand their goal, you see what is necessary to stop it. If you do not understand the goal you are at a loss to stop or deal with it.

If they get their way, they’ll have a sizable force for whatever they desire. Maybe not over night, but with the money in the ME Muslim countries it wouldn’t take long either. So what would a strategy be to combat that? You are dealing with a more unified force than random groups. It does us a favor by presenting itself as a unified force. It would naturally poke itself in places just because it can. It would be, as they say, a force to be reckoned with. Now how would you take on such a thing because at some point it will be in your face? (that is its purpose)

We had top a adviser in the administration recently say there will be a caliphate, and welcomed it. (maybe we just listen) Hearing the agenda from an American-born person should also tell us, if anything can. It’s not a nobody, whack job from someplace you can’t pronounce. Notice the lack of public opposition to their ideas? So just listen to a guy from the US or someone in DHS. They aren’t quiet.

Their paradigm is well under way, persistently building tolerance and support within UK and US. It’s been effective, even borrowing Leftists’ tactics. Call it a ‘lack of intolerance.’

If they achieved this major goal, it would seem the sooner the confrontation the better off we would be because the longer it goes unchallenged the larger and more powerful it will be. We would have to get off this America is imperialism kick and deal with it. Getting past that hurdle, my strategy would be to confront it by necessity or provoke an encounter. It cannot stand down and sees itself as the religious enforcer. There can be no negotiations with it. It is their way or nothing. Appeasement is the only option and that achieves nothing — which makes it no option.

When push comes to shove, it must defeated it beyond surrender and rendered useless as a force. It must be completely destroyed, because if not it will reconstitute the same agenda. So it has to be defeated beyond salvation. That is key. Better it not appear in the first place. It must not be allowed to resurrect itself in any form because it does not believe in reform. That means everything connected to it and that power center must be dismantled, the way they did concentration camps. But no one was stupid enough to restart the camps.

Then it is not simple white-flag surrender, defeat we’re talking about. Get it. Civilization cannot survive with it because it will always revert to the same force. Living with a stalemate is not an option. And it is not about religion. If they want to retain a religion of Islam, in practice, they have to do so without a power center. Whether it can survive without one is not my problem. They must find a way or perish. I think that’s the only credible way to defeat it. Otherwise, we’re just throwing pebbles in the ocean.

My only logical conclusion is their goal/agenda must be beaten and completely defeated or we will continue to battle it for as long as the globe can survive it. How can it be otherwise? How can the conclusion be wrong if based on what they say and want? Islamic power, then, is probably as lethal as a nuclear bomb. Wait…..

How can people see nuclear weapons as a grave threat but not this radical ideology? This is not about our views and intolerance, its about theirs. Imagine if people said in ’44 that the real problem is we need to be more tolerant of Hitler. Here we have an entity that has sympathetic tentacles to draw from throughout the world — a caliphate is an offer they can’t refuse. Some people see zombies as a possibility but too many people ignore this as the real threat it is. Ask zombie warriors if a lack of tolerance for zombies could be the whole problem? They’d laugh at you.

It is amazing how our in-tolerance is supposedly the problem — Islamophobia — and our concerns about Sharia are overblown. We’re crazy? So maybe if you hear the stated goals from someone from America it is taken a more seriously? Are governments prepared to deal with it? You decide. (at some point they will have to — there’s that option thing)

I have a note, not for the regular readers of this blog but for someone who may stop by and want to question the facts around this, or the intentions of the person as I conveyed them. See the note on the first post.

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The struggle we must understand


I’m going to do something different from conventional wisdom. While I could do the usual thing and put up a video and point out the statements and let you see for yourself what was said, that is way too easy. Not for me, I mean for the Internet imps. We know what would happen. The video would removed and it wouldn’t make much sense without it. (happens a lot, they are good at it) We connect the dots for them.

So, I’ll do it old school and write a story on it. I have the option of not disclosing all my sources, just because. If you want to stop reading right here, see ya. Even one better, I’m not even going to use the person’s name or identifiable descriptions. Remember the Dragnet series, “the names were changed to protect the innocent”? In this case it’s to protect the integrity of the story. Otherwise, it is just about a particular individual and their particular statements. It is bigger than one person anyway.

That out of the way, I’ll describe it in my words. That requires a little trust. Not like I’d be wasting time when I could just show you a video. But then you would also have to listen to the whole thing. I’m no expert but I do understand it.

There is another point, understanding. My purpose is not to tell you something you don’t know; it is to show you why what you already know is true. I really don’t have to convince anyone to believe it. If you take issue, see the note at the bottom. Onward:

A kid grew up in a middle-class American suburb, say in the 70’s and 80’s. He came from a decent Christian home. He was basically familiar with the tenets of Christian belief etc. Not saying his dad was there all the time, I don’t know. And I’m not sure about his treatment from his father. He played some sports and had a pretty average childhood.

One of his acquaintances had a Muslim family, which he thought pretty average. He was a little curious and began questioning those parents about different beliefs in their religion and practices. They were happy to tell him. His curiosity got the better of him and he wished to convert and study their religion. He was taken to Mosques and met people. He learned much and received special instruction and help in his studies.

As ambitious as he was about it, he found others in the Moslem community who he was told about, looked up to, and impressed him. He chose his mentors or they chose him is not pertinent. Say they chose each other. Soon he was learning and thriving in the environment. He absorbed it like a sponge and enjoyed it. Not only was it growing on him, he had a passion for the religion. He wanted to learn and know as much as he could as fast as he could. Sports and other things took second place. What mattered was Islam and the religion. He sought out ways he could move up the ladder and inquired of his mentors.

He decided to leave home to embark on his studies which also involved travel. Before long he was preparing for overseas travel to study abroad, where he could get a real hands on education and feel the culture. He traveled around the ME on his quest furthering his study and education in Islam. He moved about and wound up with scholarships and help from Muslim organizations.

He became an academic in Islam, met a suitable woman, married her and had children. He continued his studies till he had teaching credentials. He taught and provided lectures and grew to become a devout cleric. He gained recognition along the way as an Islamic scholar. So he became a well-established spokesperson and teacher. That brings us up to way back when I stumbled across one of his lectures.

I heard a man describe himself confidently and carry himself devoutly. He seemed to enjoy the back and forth of answering questions, for now upcoming youth. He talked on Sharia law and about Islamic tradition. I listened as he answered questions after. This was around the Egypt Spring, while it was still embroiled in violence, and Syria was heading down the same path.

He was asked about the finer points of Sharia and had all the answers. He responded to some doubts of students who possibly were growing discouraged and impatient by what they saw happening. Someone asked how it would work out and what country was better for Sharia? He meandered around explaining that they needed a fully Sharia country as a base. That seemed essential to him. He said that no countries mentioned were true enough to Sharia. He found faults with all. He pointed to the prospects of another country, or maybe one of those, which would finally internalize Sharia properly and completely.

One which had the necessary structure with the entire government support. (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt do not meet the criteria now) So he naturally focused on upcoming Muslim countries that may employ the proper ingredients to carry it out.

That country, having full government support and vice versa, would have or develop a military and defense. This defense in turn would become chief defender of Islam and Sharia. Or, as I assumed, the foundation of a real caliphate. Thus having the necessary power and force behind it to be enforcer wherever needed — whether next door, or Muslims on another continent. He envisioned it as a mobile Islamic defense. Then he repeated the premise driving home the point that Islam needed a true Sharia defense force. He reiterated that until then it would be a struggle and somewhat chaotic, but he stressed that once it was achieved things would be more uniform. On that happy optimistic, utopian note he left off. Everything else is second to that.

This is the part media really doesn’t talk about, if they do understand it. It is the goal we must face. They internalize the passion and the goal. … More to follow.


A note, not for the regular readers of this blog, but for someone who may stop by and want to question the facts or the person’s intentions as I conveyed them: Do yourself a big favor. Grab the nearest phone book, go to the yellow pages on mental health practitioners, and call every number on the list. Then take the first appointment anyone will give you, because you need to be deprogrammed before you lose your head. (pardon the pun)
It is that critical. Even this is no guaranteed cure, since I doubt many mental health professionals today are capable of completing the job. And judging from the last few elections, there is a national shortage and huge demand for them.

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Anti-Israel protests

Anti-Israel protesters rally across France, defying ban imposed after synagogue clash

Thousands march through French cities in protest of Israeli operation in Gaza Strip; French president says will not allow violence to spill over into France.
By Nicholas Vinocur, Joe Bavier Jul. 19, 2014

REUTERS – Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in French cities on Saturday to condemn violence in Gaza, defying a ban imposed after demonstrators marched on two synagogues in Paris last weekend and clashed with riot police.

A Reuters photographer said demonstrators in northern Paris launched projectiles at riot police, who responded by firing teargas canisters and stun grenades.

“We must show that as Muslims, we’re all united” // Shirli Sitbon reports for Haaretz from Paris

Demonstrators also climbed on top of a building and burned an Israeli flag. At least one car was set on fire.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has contributed to growing tensions between France’s Muslim and Jewish populations, both of which are the largest in Europe.

In the first three months of 2014 more Jews left France for Israel than at any other time since the Jewish state was created in 1948, with many citing rising anti-Semitism as a factor.



Paris isn’t just for lovers anymore. One commenter dubbed it Paristan.I think that sums it up. How far from that is the US or other countries?

Talk about building it… and they come

The old saying is “build it, they will come”. The government has revised that to ‘talk about building it, and they’ll come.”

From the government’s page on unaccompanied children policy:

“Their youth, their separation from a protective environment or person, and the hazardous journey they embark make UAC especially vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. UAC have multiple, inter-related reasons for undertaking the difficult journey of traveling to the United States. UAC leave their home countries to rejoin family already in the United States, to escape abusive family relationships in their home country, or to find work to support their families in the home country.”

Talk about extreme irony. The vulnerability of these people to be exploited and abused by our system is obvious – from the White House on down through the political ranks. That is exactly their purpose here to exploit illegals for all they can, politically. And the message is out to come and you will receive their protection.

Of course protection from what is not clear. In their homeland violence is down, and yet they are coming. Word is out they can seek and receive relief in this country with little chance of being returned.

The message is out that the US is about to rewrite its immigration law and policies to include them, should they get here, in de facto amnesty. Regardless what the nuances of the law are, the message is out. And they are coming.

There were 14,000 of these referral applicants in 2012, this year they expect over 60,000. And that is only an estimate. So there is a systematic agenda on both sides here. But clearly the illegals are jumping through the hoops.

It has been described by church organizations as a “sobering crisis of minors and others from Central America crossing into US”

Rather than sobering crisis, I’d call it a “slobbering crisis” of historic proportions.

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Churches: coming attractions

I’ve already mentioned the churches’ activism on other current matters. So what’s next on the social-activism calendar for the churches?

The word call is out in churches for a rally the last day of July to the first day of August, July 31st- August 1st. It’s labeled a civil disobedience rally at the White House, in cooperation with churches, Christian groups, and others. “Civil disobedience” rally — cue the civil rights theme and sloganeering.

Some may question my reason for mentioning it? Well, because it deserves to be, ahead of time. This is not backroom stuff, it is in the public and they are proud of it. If it is one thing they take pride in it is their social “activism”.

What is their purpose? Simply, take a message to Washington, namely to the White House — i.e. President Obama. The message: stop deportation of illegals. The usual participants are involved, asking people to “Join Picketing In D.C. On Immigration“.

Using Congress as the excuse:

“…the lack of action by Congress, President Obama can and should grant administrative relief from deportation and expand deferred action for additional undocumented persons.”

Now there can be no doubt that this one is by members and activists – clergy et al. It’s focused right at the White House, specifically Executive action. It doesn’t seem to matter that lack of action on the border is what has caused this. Now this is the action they are calling for. So there you have it, another issue to organize their activism around.

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Where would you go?

This Map Proves You Could Be Paying Less In Income Taxes If You Lived Here Instead

Justin Koski — July 18, 2014 | Western Journalism

Do states with higher or lower taxes do better economically?

While everyone has their own opinions on the question, a new study on state economic prosperity and taxation will have some saying, “I told you so.”

Governors of states with high taxes will relentlessly deny their effects on the state, or simply justify them with fairness, necessity or needed to sustain the revenue.

Governors of states with low taxes, use that as a means to attract business. For example, Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) ran advertisements throughout California just last year in an attempt to sway companies to move to Texas because of their lower taxes.

So which of the two is actually true?

The Mercatus Center, a research center at George Mason University conducted a study to find out just that. Its key findings are:

1-Higher taxes reduce economic growth. A one percent increase in taxes results in a 1.9 percent decrease in growth.
2-Taxes impact where people live. People move to states with lower rates and leave those with higher ones.
3-Income tax progressivity (higher rates as income increases) affects new firm creation.

The key findings illustrate that if a governor wants to bring in more residents, create more jobs and make life better for everyone in it, then instead of increasing the taxes, they need to be dropping them.

If only there was a way we could get this into the hands of Congress and see if they could apply these new findings to the whole country…

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/new-study-liberals-livid-challenges-everything-know-raising-taxes/?utm_source=MailChimp&utm_medium=email&utm_content=featured-stories&utm_campaign=DailyEmail07.18.14

— H/T to Dave