Talk about building it… and they come

The old saying is “build it, they will come”. The government has revised that to ‘talk about building it, and they’ll come.”

From the government’s page on unaccompanied children policy:

“Their youth, their separation from a protective environment or person, and the hazardous journey they embark make UAC especially vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. UAC have multiple, inter-related reasons for undertaking the difficult journey of traveling to the United States. UAC leave their home countries to rejoin family already in the United States, to escape abusive family relationships in their home country, or to find work to support their families in the home country.”

Talk about extreme irony. The vulnerability of these people to be exploited and abused by our system is obvious – from the White House on down through the political ranks. That is exactly their purpose here to exploit illegals for all they can, politically. And the message is out to come and you will receive their protection.

Of course protection from what is not clear. In their homeland violence is down, and yet they are coming. Word is out they can seek and receive relief in this country with little chance of being returned.

The message is out that the US is about to rewrite its immigration law and policies to include them, should they get here, in de facto amnesty. Regardless what the nuances of the law are, the message is out. And they are coming.

There were 14,000 of these referral applicants in 2012, this year they expect over 60,000. And that is only an estimate. So there is a systematic agenda on both sides here. But clearly the illegals are jumping through the hoops.

It has been described by church organizations as a “sobering crisis of minors and others from Central America crossing into US”

Rather than sobering crisis, I’d call it a “slobbering crisis” of historic proportions.

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5 comments on “Talk about building it… and they come

  1. Just Gene says:

    Where is the money coming from to pay the coyotes – from the gangs in this country who need more killers, drug pushers, and prostitutes – jobs most Americans refuse to do. At least most of the illegals will be employed – the government will probable use them to show a high employment rate next month – over 50,000 unexpected new jobs created.


    • bullright says:

      Considering their way of business, that’s about right.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Gene and Bull, you just mirrored my thoughts on this. Where do these so called “poor people” get this amount of money to send their kids here? I smell a big rat, like our own government paying for these illegals to get here for their own political purposes. Demorats want the voters, Repubs want businesses to be able to hire low wage workers thus putting many people out of work.

        Slobbering is right. This is a government made crisis.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, you hit it on the head. Only government could create a crisis on this scale. And the illegals could not do this all by themselves, without help. Worse our government isn’t doing squat to stop it either.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, of course they aren’t doing anything because this is what the Emperor wants. Create as many crises as possible so that eventually the whole country collapses.



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